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EA confirms Bulletstorm demo for 360 and PSN on January 25th/26th respectively

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EA has announced a demo for People Can Fly’s sweetly over the top FPS Bulletstorm to arrive on Xbox Live and PSN platforms on the 25th and 26th of January respectively.

The announcement mysteriously did not include news of a PC demo however.

In regards to content, the demo allows players a taste of Echo mode, a cooperative gametype that follows and compares player scores as they battle through locations contained in the campaign. In the case of the case of the demo, the location in question is a collapsed building which players must navigate, all the while dispatching enemies with the most flair possible to earn those valuable points via the Skillshot system.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the awesomeness of this concept ever-so lightly cribbed from Bizarre Creations take-it-or-leave-it third person shooter The Club, the idea behind it is that you use the Skillshot system to kill bad guys in as creative a fashion as possible and rack up points according to how stylishly you killed your foe.

For instance, while shooting a bad guy in the head might get you 50 points, leashing the guy with your magnetic leash, kicking them in the face, throwing them away, shooting them as they soar through the air and then pushing them into an overloading electric generator would score quite a bit more.

As a nice little bonus the demo also allows players to unlock upgrades specific to their platform to be utilised in the Anarchy multiplayer mode when players purchase the full game.

With the current deluge of modern first-person shooters and ‘real’ combat experiences being shoved down our throats ad-finitum, Bulletstorm seems like perhaps the most refreshing alternative available and certainly represents a throwback to the original excess of the FPS genre that got us falling in mad, violent love with it in the first place.

Written by bitsnark

January 14, 2011 at 1:19 pm

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