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Resident Evil: Racoon City Announced For 360 & PS3 Release

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Continuing with the influx of Resident Evil news (It is the 15th anniversary of the franchise this year no less) comes the announcement of a brand new Resident Evil title; Resident Evil: Racoon City, developed by SOCOM developer Slant Six.

The game however, is not your typical Resi fare. No sir. In stark contrast to survival horror thrills dished out by the majority of the other entries in the series, Racoon City is instead a squad based shooter, casting you as one of four characters in an effort to clean up the titular city of evidence and T-virus survivors by any means possible. Not only will you be killing infected folk, but you’ll also be butting heads with a US Spec Ops squad and the monsters which have been unleashed by Umbrella. Each of the four characters that you can choose; Vector, Beltway, Bertha, and Spectre, will have their own scenario and goals too.

Intriguingly, Capcom have said that you can also ‘change the history of Resident Evil’, by engaging and killing famous characters from the series.

No other details have been revealed about the title as of yet, but the title is slated to arrive on 360 and PS3 platforms this Autumn.

Written by bitsnark

March 24, 2011 at 4:29 pm

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