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E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference Live Blog

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And here, we, go!

Let’s see what Ninty have up their sleeve then 🙂

We start with an orchestra playing some epic Zelda melodies to Link skydiving. We then cut to an historical montage of all the Zelda games to date. The music builds to a crescendo, showing yet more Zelda games of time past. Eventually the music closes out to some cool clips of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

The Zelda 25th Anniversary logo appears and the crowd goes nuts.

A bit long perhaps but a nice presser opener all the same.

And out comes Shigsy! Will he have his sword and shield this time?

The crowd goes mental for him.

Shigsy talks about the gameplay, visuals and music evolving with the Nintendo systems that have come and gone over time. He talks about music being an indispensable part of Legend of Zelda as a whole.

He is asking the orchestra to play some of the songs live. Including the chime for solving a puzzle and collecting an item. It’s all quite cute and gleefully nostalgic, but SUBSTANCE MAN! I WANT SUBSTANCE!

Shigsy listens to the music and says ‘Isn’t that nice?’, Well, what would be nice mate is if you didn’t waste the first 15 minutes of your presser with music that we have heard countless times instead of making actual announcements. Ergh, perhaps my rage is unwarranted, but it’s nice setup all the same if overly long.

For the 25th Anniversary he has prepared a Zelda game for each of the Nintendo systems. Shigsy confirms Link to the Past as being available on the 3DS shop service. Next weekend, Legend of Zelda: OOT 3D releases for the 3DS. He talks about the improvements in graphics, framerate and general atmospherics. In September, there is a four plater version of Zelda: The four swords as a DSi download. Nice!

All of this is capped off by Zelda: Skyward Sword predictably which launches everywhere this Christmas for the Wii. Equally predictably, the game utilises Wii Motion Plus and can be bought with a gold coloured WiiMote. Swanky.

He says that Skyward Sword is packed full of content and is the pinnacle of the series to date. He talks about many of the elements in the game needing discovery by the player to be appreciated. He announces that they will be holding symphony concerts for the Zelda music which will take place in locations around the world to mark the 25th anniversary. They will start this Autumn.

They are also preparing music CD’s, including the Ocarina of Time soundtrack. A free gift apparently, if you register your Ocarina of Time 3D with Club Nintendo.

He talks about Legend of Zelda over the years being supported by a huge development team, reaching a size of some 200 people. Shigsy invites some of the development leads on stage.

He closes the Zelda section by thanking the fans and the orchestra closes out with a symphony. An ultimately nice, if shallow start to the presser.

Next up is Satoru Iwata, hopefully to talk up Project WhateverItsCalled. He talks about launching Wii and DS and how they went about expanding the gaming population.

Now he talks about mental boundaries in how hardware is perceived, such as how Wii is more casual friendly and so on. He talks about a game platform that is equally satisfying for all players. He mentions the new home platform and how it intends to fulfill this vision.

He talks about the new console providing deeper and wider experiences than gamers have had before.

Again, it will make gamers see games in a different way.

He says the goal of innovation for Nintendo is to serve every player.

He talks about the new console being something to look forward to for next year and that he will talk about it later. In the meantime, he says that we should be looking forward to the 3DS and the new franchises that are moving into 3D for the system.We get a video montage of various Nintendo IP’s which are destined for the system including Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Super Mario 3DS and Luigi’s Mansion.

Next on stage is the Regginator!

He talks about how we want to play things and have them look they way they always have – apparently we want comfortability and surprise.

He mentions the new home console and how the 3DS embodies the same message of allowing everyone to play without compromising their core routes.

He talks about five key 3DS titles that will be shown. First up is Mario Kart. The new version is ‘tricked out’ apparently and looks very reminiscent of the Gamecube iteration, but with more complex courses. Cool moment: When the karts make huge jumps, they sprout glider wings allowing the player to glide them about.

The new Mario Kart is due out this holiday season.

Next up is Starfox. He talks about using controller buttons for traditional control, or, you can use the gyroscopes in the 3DS for motion control instead. Interestingly, you can play in multiplayer and the camera takes a picture of the loser as they blow up and sends it to all the other players. Nice. The title is due out this September.

Next is Super Mario 3DS. He talks about Mario 3DS being constructed from scratch for the machine. Gameplay is shown and it looks like a cross between Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy if you can imagine such a thing. Heavenly indeed, and the racoon suit is back!

Yeah this has 9/10 and 10/10 written all over it. It is due out before the end of the year. Sweet!

Kid Icarus now. We get a nice gameplay trailer showing a terrific mixture of 3D space harrier style shooting gameplay and regular third person fighting and platforming. It looks very vibrant and very colorful and now they are showing multiplayer which looks alright, but nothing terribly special. The game also uses AR cards to conduct battles. Overall though, it remains impressive.

Kid Icarus is due to arrive later this year.

Last of all, we now have Luigi’s Mansion 2 which looks almost identical to the Gamecube version and certainly looks impressive as a result. The green hatted plumber returns with his magical vacuum to scoop up all sorts of supernatural foes; it actually looks pretty amazing if i’m honest.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 is due out at a time to be determined.

Next up is talk about 3rd party developers being hard at work on games. It looks like we’ll get to see what they have been working on and cue the montage!

Resi Evil Mercs 3D, Mario and Sonic olympics, Ace Combat 3DS, Tetris, Cave Story 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations, Driver Renegade, Pac-Man and Galaga Dimenions, Tekken 3D(!) and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D. Nice line up but not a whole lot that s new however.

He talks about the Eshop being a more complete online offering, allowing 3D trailers to be downloaded as well as demos later on in the year. He mentions the Virtual Console on the 3DS having games from the older handheld days and confirms that Excitebike 3D being free to download on the service.

He now reveals that an enhanced Pokedex will be on 3DS and that some Pokemon will only be available through Spot Pass and AR markers.

Pokedex 3D will be exclusively available free through the 3DS EShop.

He reaffirms that 3DS means social, connection and interaction; all in 3D.

He now begins talking about the new console AT LAST. The naming of the new console is what he is talking about. Saying how ‘Wii’ had a deeper meaning. For the new console, the name is ‘WiiU’. lolwut.

We see the new controller and it looks like what has been rumoured. A dpad, with two analogue sticks, face buttons and 3 or 4 inch touch screen. A strange looking beast indeed.

We get a concept video. You can switch from TV to the new controller and back again it seems. You can draw on the new controller, which in essence appears to be some sort bizarre pad/tablet hybrid. It can also be used to see different perspectives such as leaving it on the floor and swinging the Wiimote over it to drive a golfball.

You can make video calls with the new controller also. The plot thickens!

You can basically stream any media from the controller directly to the TV. We are shown a new Zelda title briefly and holy shit it looks amazing. The montage ends with the console due in 2012.

Nice, very nice, but need to see a lot more proof of concept.

Satoru is back on stage.

He talks about home console games having to occupy TV screens in order to be played but with WiiU, the 6.2 inch screen can accomodate people who don’t have access to the TV screen. The machine is fully backwards compatible. The console is designed to appeal to the most core gamers. The controller, like the PSVita is a veritable hive of controlling methods (face buttons, analogue sticks, touch screen, gyroscope, shoulder buttons and more).

It is intended to support the widest variety of games. Bottom Line; Ninty don’t want to be excluded anymore.

He reaffirms that the pad is not designed to be a portable gaming machine ala’ PSP/3DS and so on. He says that the content transfers wirelessly without loss. He talks about the highest quality HD images being available on it. He talks about games being structured to use both screens (the TV and the pad screen) at the same time.

He talks about WiiU creating a strong bond between games, the TV and the internet.


We get some developer feedback on the machine from Shigsy. He talks about the pad screen allowing gamers to play games without using the TV. He says that the combination of display approaches will create a lot of interesting gameplay prospects.

Satoru talks about facing an unusual situation with the games industry today, with new ideas popping up one after another. He mentions that the developer of Kid Icarus would be making a Smash Bros title for 3DS and WiiU in such a way that they would work together on both platforms.

Quite vague, but exciting nonetheless.

He says that WiiU software is playable this week at the show – Nice, should get some detailed impressions hopefully.

The Reg(tm) is back.

He says that ‘eight different interactive experiences’ will be available to try and don’t represent final games.

We get a video. A bird soars across a Japanese river before settling on a tree branch. That looked impressive. Fucking impressive if it is entirely in real-time.

Our bird friend leaves the security of his branch and drops a flower into the water at which point the camera shifts to the river as various fish jump and coalesce around it.

Next up, is a Super Mario Bros Mii concept for the system, allowing you to use your Mii in the game.

He reaffirms that these are prototypes and announces Lego City Stories in partnership with TT Games for release on the system. The game is an open-world title and is exclusive to 3DS and WiiU.

Now we get a montage of developer spilling love over the machine. EA, Vicarious Visions, THQ, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Namco Bandai and Irrational Games are all shown saying how much they love it.

Darksiders II is a launch title, as will be a Tekken title, an Assassins Creed title, Batman; Arkham City and Ghost Recon Online. Nice little core lineup there Ninty.

Now we get in-game footage of some of these third person games. Darksiders 2 is shown, followed by Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines(!), Ghost Recon Online, Metro Last Light (holy shit they are going after the core mainstream all right), a new Tekken title (possibly Tekken Tag 2) and Ninja Gaiden 3! (looking fantastic and very bloody! :)). Graphically at least, assuming that it is actual WiiU footage, it looks on par with 360/PS3 hardware.

Iwata talks about how warmly the 3rd party developers are taking to the system.

One final perspective.

EA has been invited to join them on stage. Iwata welcomes EA’s John Rittocello on stage.

John talks about never before being on stage with Nintendo, but he is here, because the new console speaks directly to EA’s audience with HD graphics. John namedrops Battlefield 3 for the WiiU. O.M.G. He also bigs up the online robustness of the console.

He talks about EA going through a transformation in much the same way the new Nintendo console is. EA and Nintendo have an unparalleled partnership apparently but very little in the way of actual details.

Reggie says that he wants people to consider four platforms, DS, Wii, 3DS and WiiU.

He says that each platform is unique but shares a common pedigree of innovation.

It’s interesting that very little is shown of the actual WiiU console itself.

Reggie says thanks and we are done.

Lots to show indeed.

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