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So I Came Across This PC Indie Game Called Project Zomboid…

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Ever since the gaming fraternity has gotten a hold of zombies, it’s seemingly only been able to do something equally brain-dead with them; stick them in a FPS setting in which player thought need only extend as far as to which weapon to switch to.

Enter Project Zomboid.

An isometric, open-world zombie survival take on the popular horror cult icon the game is in many ways a breath of fresh fetid air from it’s dumber FPS counterparts. In Project Zomboid more pedestrian concerns such as making sure that you don’t go hungry, or have enough rest go pleasingly hand in hand with ensuring a healthy supply of ammo for your firearm of choice.

Indeed, there are other more pragmatic concerns to worry about too. Creating noise can attract the undead horde as it currently does in existing games, but the source of that distraction can range from setting off a house alarm, to actually burning down a house because you left the microwave on for too long.

Visually, the title looks retro-functional but simple and is still in the extremely early stages of alpha development. If however, you fancy a zombie game that forces you to think a little further than your gun barrel, than you certainly couldn’t go very wrong with Project Zomboid.

I’ve attached the link to the main website below, as well as YouTube links of a particularly articulate chap playing through it if you fancy taking a look first before you download.


Written by bitsnark

August 31, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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