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Sony Does The Smart Thing – Starts Bringing Cult PS2 Titles To PSN (Including Odin Sphere/God Hand)

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In continuing to live up to their rip-off bastard potential, Sony is continuing to charge their customer base for old, re-released tat.


This is good, old re-released tat, since it comes in the pleasing guise of rare classic PS2 titles; the list of which you can see below:

– God Hand
– GrimGrimoire
– Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
– Odin Sphere
– Ring of Red


Anyway, no other details such as price or even conversion quality have been mentioned yet, but what we do know, is that this quintet of PS2 loveliness is due to hit PSN THIS WEEK.

Hopefully, this’ll mean that Sony will bring more obscure titles to the service in the future. So yeah… more of this please.

Written by bitsnark

October 3, 2011 at 9:05 am

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