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Aliens: Colonial Marines no longer due in 2012 – the bug hunt now commences on February 12, 2013. New trailer too.

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To be filed quite neatly under ‘no shit’ comes this little news nugget that Sega’s Gearbox Software developed shooter tie-in, Aliens: Colonial Marines, has been delayed into the great unknown that is 2013.  February 12th, 2013 to be exact.

To celebrate this latest delay since the game was announced thousands of fucking years ago, comes a moody ‘release date’ trailer that certainly does an admirable job of getting the blood and man-mustard pumping with due-aplomb.  It certainly looks the part, if perhaps a little overfamiliar due to a seeming over-reliance on scripted events.

Anyhow, have a look at the trailer yourself and see if it floats your Nostromo or not.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is due to arrive on 360, PS3, PC and WiiU platforms on February 12th 2013.

Written by bitsnark

May 21, 2012 at 1:24 pm

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