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New Assassins Creed title due this year; new character, new setting, new button to press

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During its call to stuffy-suit wearing investors who probably don’t give a rodent’s anus about videogames outside of how much paper it can make them, Ubisoft confirmed that not only would there be a new Assassins Creed title (I know right?  The shock.  Please, try to contain yourself) but that it would showcase an all-new character (sorry Connor, better luck next time… Oh wait.) in an all-new time-period.

For the sake of innovation you can also expect to press a new button too.  Pressing ‘A’ after all is so 2007.

Anyhow, i’m somewhat eager to see what the new setting is.  Personally, I think they should pull the trigger on a Japanese setting for the next game and have you play as a ninja, slitting the throats of fat feudal lords and styming your pursuers with caltrops and stuff.

It would be great.  Maybe.

What setting do you think would be a natural fit for the next ‘Creed game?

Written by bitsnark

February 7, 2013 at 8:18 pm

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