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State Of The Snark – Things Be A Changin’ & Thank You!

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The more things change, the more they’ll stay the same.

For the last seven or so years, I have been writing in my own little dark corner of the internet; blogging movies, anime and games; the impetus for which has always been my love for those three hobbies.  In May this year, I decided to get a little bit more serious about it; exporting my blog from it’s creaky LiveJournal hovel to WordPress which gave me a lot more freedom in regards to the visual style of my articles (it allowed the effortless inclusion of images and embeddable videos among other things) and also allowed me to reach a larger audience with my own domain name.

As a result of this transition, BitSnark was born.

BitSnark represents not just my passion for gaming channelled into words but also a means for getting myself seen with the goal of gaining more exposure.   That additional exposure has finally come, as popular videogame website The Gaming Vault  came knocking and as a result, I am now a writer for them; posting the exact same quality and level of content on their site as visitors to this site have become accustomed to.

My new home away from home, I’m privileged to be sharing it with some truly great folks – check it out! Don’t worry, Bitsnark will continue!

What this means for Bitsnark is that all of the reviews, news, articles and opinion pieces that I’ll be doing for TGV, will be re-fed through the Bitsnark facebook page which can be found here, in order to keep the folks who follow the blog up-to-date with all the new stuff that i’ll be writing.

With TGV being the primary recipient of my body of work, I won’t be looking duplicate all of the same articles and posts on here.  Instead, BitSnark as a WordPress blog will continue to function relatively independently, with some unique, not-necessarily game-related content being created for it as well as maybe the odd game review or two being cross-pollinated if you will from TGV.

It’s at this point that I need to put out some big thank you’s too.

My Long-Suffering Girlfriend, Hev  – Without her continued support and motivational kicks up the rectum, I would still likely be on LiveJournal, maybe posting an article or two every few months and leaving it at that.

Without her none of this would have been possible.  At all.  I really cannot overstate enough how instrumental she has been to all of this.

Lloyd Mitchell – A very good friend of mine; without Mr. Mitchell’s towering artistic talents, Bitsnark would have had been a largely faceless entity.  With his work on the BitSnark logo (which you can see at the top of the page), I feel that Bitsnark has been given an image which is both stylish and accurate to the sort of content that you can expect.  Lloyd also created the equally natty cover for the Bitsnark Facebook page too.  In short an amazingly talented artist and an even better human being.  Check out some of his superb work here.

My friends – Each and every one of you whoever said anything positive about my writing are as much to thank as anybody.  Your kind words, constructive criticism and mere attention to my scribblings have helped power me along and keep all of this afloat.  You know who you are – you folks are utterly irreplaceable.  Thank you.

Hate-Me Gaming – A collective of local friends and gamers, these guys have done a great deal to help promote Bitsnark.  As well as hosting an RSS feed, they’ve been periodically pimping my work through Twitter and for all of their work I’ll always be in their debt.  They are a superb group of people whose love for games is matched only by the warm welcome that they extend each and every person that joins them.  Get involved here.

GamerNights –  As well as being a cool web destination for folks looking for places to game online, GamerNights has also been instrumental in getting my blog out there and getting it noticed; very kindly linking an RSS feed to their site and publishing all of my newest stuff.  A superb little site ran by a group of superb people.  Check them out here.

ALL OF YOU – For each and every one of you who took minutes or even just seconds out of your day to view anything I’ve put out on Bitsnark you have my eternal gratitude and heartfelt thanks.  Every comment, every view, every link, every word typed about Bitsnark is something that I take as a personal kindness and as such again I would just like to say, THANK YOU ALL.  Without your attention, this blog would be dead in the water and I would likely be in asylum 🙂

Bitsnark WILL continue and I will continue to keep on writing to the same high standard that all of you have come to expect from me.

Thank you all once more and don’t fret, I’m sure I’ll see you all here and there 🙂

~John-Paul (Bitsnark)

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July 13, 2012 at 12:37 pm

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