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Live Action Gears Of War snags a Die-hard director…

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With the scrpiting duties for the awaited Gears Of War movie now complete, other pieces of the puzzle are now starting to fall into place. is now reporting that in conjunction with New Line Cinema and Epic Games, the director for the film based on the game that made chainsaws cool again is none other than Len Wiseman, he of Underworld and Die Hard 4.0 fame.

While folks may have somewhat mixed feelings regarding his appointment, i’m quietly excited to have him on board as Die Hard 4.0 pretty much proves that he can handle big screen action. Let’s just hope he doesn’t drop the ball here and that the studio let’s him go crazy with the age rating (i.e. a ‘hard’ 18 rating).

Stay tuned.

Written by bitsnark

June 17, 2008 at 9:03 pm

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