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Microsoft’s RPG Conference 2008 – Star Ocean IV announced for XBOX 360

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That’s one of the great things about gaming that I adore so much, anything can happen and Star Ocean IV arriving on 360 is one of those ‘anything’ moments. Announced for the XBOX 360 and with apparent apathy for the PS3 version of the title (that we all thought existed but actually doesn’t), it seems a very strange move by Squeenix to release the next installment in what is one of Japan’s premier RPG series on a western console that has pretty much sunk over in that territory.

I’m dumbfounded further by the fact that the title doesn’t bow on the PS3 or even the Wii for that matter, as both machines are far more popular than the 360 in Japan and the complete lack of ‘care’, for lack of a better word regarding a possible PS3 version (surely the title’s original destination) further puzzles me.

Anyways, very little of the title itself was actually shown bar a pre-rendered trailer showing a couple of the characters and of course, the space travelling theme that has puncuated the series since it’s inception all those years ago.

What do you guys think of this announcement?

Written by bitsnark

June 11, 2008 at 8:09 am

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