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E3 2008: Nintendo announces MotionPlus for the Wii, allowing full 1:1 movement

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For those of you cheating types out there who screw honest folk out of victories on Wii Bowling by simply nudging the Wiimote backward and then forward without actually emulating proper movement, your time is up.

At E3 Nintendo annoucned MotionPlus, a small motion tracking unit that fits snuggly at the base of the Wiimote, where your nunchuk normally plugs into. The great thing about this cool little gadget is that it gives you full 1:1 movement, which basically means that the action on screen will be manipulated exactly by your real-time movements in the 3-D space that the motion tracker reads.

While this seems great, it will likely fall to Nintendo (as ever) to prove the finer points and generally produce titles that will take advantage of this technology properly. There has also been no word on what effect MotionPlus will have on older titles, but it will likely only work with titles that have had specific code written to take advantage of the newer tech.

Other details remain sketchy too, such as whether or not the shiny new device will be available seperately or ‘phased’ into new Wiimote controllers. The release date is also without confirmation, but will likely be soon as much of Nintendo’s late 08′ slate, takes advantage of MotionPlus.

More as it comes.

(and yes you can still use your nunchuk with the device as it plugs into the bottom of MotionPlus)

Written by bitsnark

July 19, 2008 at 10:41 pm

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