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E3 2008: Dead Rising – ‘Chop Til You Drop’ announced for the Wii

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In perhaps one of the more unexpected conversions that could have been announced, Capcom revealed plans to bring novel, but flawed XBOX360 zombie hack’em up title to the Wii. Those of you however who are expecting a cut-down version of the game for the Wii are in for quite a shock.

The title itself looks to push the Wii from a technical standpoint with the Wii version replicating the ‘Swarm technology’ that allowed for close to a hundred detailed zombies on screen at the same time without any slowdown. While there are obvious visual differences between the two versions in terms of resolution and texture detail, the Wii version still manages to pull off an acceptable job of looking like the 360 version. This, combined with all the OTT violence of the 360 original, a new over-the-shoulder viewpoint and specialised Wii controls, will hopefully mean that Wii gamers will be in for a little treat this Winter when the game releases.

Written by bitsnark

July 22, 2008 at 11:08 am

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