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Left 4 Dead Demo Incoming on 360 and PC

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With zombie slaying pretty much in season for videogames recently (see World Of Warcraft and GTA IV), much anticipation has been shed over Valve’s upcoming zombie survive/blast-a-thon Left 4 Dead.

A source of particular anticipation was the announcement over a month ago that a demo would be released for the title. We now know the dates and there is the good news, and the not-quite-so-good-but-nothing-we-can-do-about-it news.

Firstly the latter. The demo is due for release on November 6th; but only if you have pre-ordered it. At the time of writing, no retail outlets high street or online have any kind of promotion in place relating to this, so a reasonable assumption can be made that this is an offer for lucky US folk at present.

And now the good news. While pre-ordering it means that you get a taste of some zombie slaughtering action on November 6th, the demo will be released to everybody on XBOX Live and on PC on November 11th; a week before the title releases.

So that means me, you and Joe-average sat in the corner there can play it on November 11th regardless.

Happy days.

Written by bitsnark

October 29, 2008 at 9:18 am

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