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EA Let Slip With Another Battlefield Game – Battlefield Pacific 1943

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Going on from the recently announced Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it appears that EA also have another Battlefield title in the works – Battlefield Pacific 1943. This information comes from an expunged entry in the New York Comic Con show exclusives pages revealing plans to announced a new Battlefield game at the expo.

Obviously no details have been announced at this point, we’ll have to wait till Comic Con for that, however I would be surprised if it was console bound given the fact that the previous announced Bad Company sequel is a console exclusive and also that (Battlefield Heroes non-withstanding) the PC doens’t hasn’t had an exclusive Battlefield title of it’s own since 2006’s somewhat lame Battlefield 2142.

Hoopefully we’ll find out more this Saturday when Comic Con kicks off.


Written by bitsnark

February 5, 2009 at 9:30 am

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