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Dead Rising 2 Confirmed For 360, PS3 & PC

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At long last and after a crappy leaked teaser, Capcom have finally confirmed what many Dead Rising (and PS3) fans wanted to hear; a sequel is due out this year to 2006’s zombie mash em’ up, and is coming to the 360, PS3 & PC platforms.

Set this time in a ‘fictional gambling paradise’ dubbed Paradise City, the sequel promises to take series to a whole new level with a larger zombie count, more weapons, more vehicles and a hefty dose of the same dark humour that so expertly permated the original.

Other details are light on the ground (such as the admission of any multiplayer mode or DLC), but personally i’m all for this and i’m intrigued what, if any alterations will be done to the orginal’s controversially ‘unique’ save system.

Written by bitsnark

February 9, 2009 at 4:38 pm

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