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Sony Online Entertainment Working On Planetside Sequel

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First, a little background folks.

Released way back in May 2003, Planetside was a trailblazer; an online MMOFPS, the title allowed players to choose opposing factions with different vehicles, weaponry and abilities with the aim of taking over the opposing factions territories in a set of on-going persistent worlds. The experience was further bolstered by the fact that players were able to level their characters to unlock new skill trees, which in turn allowed access to bigger and better vehicles and equipment or specialised skills such as sabotage or demolitions. On top of all this, players could gain command levels (a feature most recently seen in Sony’s forthcoming online FPS MAG) which allowed them to specify objectives for all to see, organise supply drops and co-ordinate devastating satellite strikes on the enemy.

A recent email sent out to current Planetside subscribers (yes, they still exist) strongly suggests that a sequel to the MMOFPS shooter is on the cards. Entitled ‘Help Us Design The Next PlanetSide Game’. the e-mail invited readers to partake in a survey to highlight what aspects of the current Planetside they liked or disliked and also what new stuff they would like to see in a sequel. In addition to this, SOE chief John Smedley said recently ‘Planetside fans will be happy. We have big things planned in the next 12 months. We’re working on something new that’s really cool’.

Current users of the original Planetside have little to fear in the near-term however, as Smedley reassured them that the original will still be supported for some time to come with additional content and a new patch which gives full Vista compliance.

Bring on the future.

Written by bitsnark

September 28, 2009 at 9:01 am

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