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Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed For Spring 2010 Release On PS3 & 360

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Earlier today, Capcom announced Super Street Fighter IV; a standalone release which builds upon the existing title by offering up to eight new fighters and a boat load of gameplay and balancing tweaks.

At present only SSF2 Native American alumni T-Hawk and newcomer Juri are confirmed to be in the title, but Capcom has promised ‘several more’ characters in addition. T-Hawk appears to be a very faithful 3D reproduction of his 2D persona, complete with devastating throws and Tomahawk dives. Newcomer Juri on the other hand, appears to be a tae-kwondo user; not at all that dissimilar to Kim Kaphwan from SNK’s King Of Fighters series or Hwoarang from the Tekken titles.

Much speculation has been cast on not just the additional characters but the new gameplay features too such as classic Street Fighter II bonus stages and the ability for every character to have an aerial ultra move to complement their existing one. There will be more on these features as and when the details come out, but what we do know is that the title is slated to arrive in Spring 2010 on PS3 & 360 not as a massive DLC package, but instead as a budget priced re-release.

Oh, and those of us who have the original SFIV (and that should be anybody with a pulse), Capcom have promised some secret goodies for us if we hang onto our copies.

Written by bitsnark

September 29, 2009 at 1:16 pm

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