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Official Playstation Blog: Metal Gear Solid Coming To PSOne Classics On PSN This Thursday [UPDATED]

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Mike Kebby, he who posts official stuff on the EU Playstation Store forum has confirmed (in his roundabout way) that PSOne stealth classic and progenitor of the modern day MGS saga, Metal Gear Solid, is to hit PSN this thursday.

In the official forum Mike writes; ‘It’s official guys and gals – a certain Snake is coming to the store this Thursday…of the PSone Classic kind :)’.

Good news indeed, as Sony continues to Bolster their digital offering with some gems from the past.

The pricepoint has been announced as £7.99.

Metal Gear Solid on my PSP?

Oh yes please.

Additionally, Eurogamer are also reporting that PSP MGS titles MGS: Portable Ops, MGS: Portable Ops + and MGS: The Graphic Novel, will all be hitting the store on the same day, presumably as some sort of push prior to the forthcoming release of MGS: Peace Walker sometime next year.

Now Konami, about that English langauge Peace Walker demo…

Written by bitsnark

November 16, 2009 at 1:31 pm

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