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No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise To Hit 360 & PS3 In Early 2010

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In finally making the leap from their traditional Wii development platform, cult Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture have confirmed that a new edition of the first No More Heroes title is due to hit 360 and PS3 platforms early next year under the moniker No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise.

Boasting extra content and updated HD visuals the title should at least be faithful to the original Wii release, although the seismic difference in control methods will certainly raise an eyebrow as to how well they can translate the core gameplay to a regular pad.

Additionally, Heroes Paradise also has an extra mode entitled ‘Very Sweet Mode’, where budding cyber-pervs can oogle a number of rendered ladies in various states of undress.


No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is due to hit Japan in February 2010, but given the developers interest in the Western market and developing future No More Heroes titles for the Sony and Microsoft motion control systems, I would imagine that a Western release is a formality at this point.

Now if only they would get their collective talented asses in gear and develop a new Okami for 360 and PS3 using their motion control systems…

Written by bitsnark

November 18, 2009 at 11:46 am

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