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Square Enix Officially Announces Kane & Lynch Sequel For Multiplatform Release In 2010

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Eurogamer is reporting that IO Interactive, under recently made parent company Square-Enix, has officially revealed that a sequel to 2007’s Heat-esque cover co-op shooter, Kane & Lynch is due to be released next year.

Known as Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the title dumps the violent duo slap bang in the middle of the Shanghai underworld and shall be releasing on PS3, 360 and PC platforms sometime in 2010.

“Gamers are always looking for something new and that is exactly what they are going to get with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days,” according to Niels Jørgensen, general manager of developer IO Interactive.

Niels then goes on to say: “A special thanks to gamers worldwide for their feedback. They are certainly in for a shock as we, with immense pride, welcome back our two dear, violent and somewhat unfortunate friends.”

Whilst I appreciated the game for what it tried to do (It tried to make a videogame rendition of Heat. This is a win.), there was no denying that it just felt needing of polish in some places and completely unfinished in others.

Colour me interested though.

The original Eurogamer story can be found below:

Written by bitsnark

November 18, 2009 at 4:01 pm

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