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E3 2010: Ubisoft Announces Brand New Michael Ancel Developed 2D Rayman – Rayman Origins

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With the exception of the Michael Jackson dancing game (i’m going to pretend that didn’t happen from this point on), Ubisoft had a good start keeping asses firmly in seats with a demonstration of their previously unknown 2D rayman title; Rayman Origins.

Debuting on XBLA and PSN, this game looked every bit the arty, humourous and characterful 2D platform title that makes you happy to realise that occasionally, just occasionally, developers can tell that third dimension to fuck right off at no detriment to the game.

The art style is simply superb. Boasting a look that is equal parts Henry Sellick and Nickoloden cartoon, Rayman Origins looks simply sublime with its crazy forests, thirty-eyed monsters and dark, silhouetted stages which are all brought to lush, virbrant life.

Gameplay-wise, our hero appears to have retained much of his original head-twirling and foe smacking arsenal. This time however, additional comic relief and co-op abilities come in the form of his strange new blue friend (apologies, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start classifying him) who can help Rayman by hitting an enemy or being used as a trampoline to reach previously inaccessible ledges.

No date has been given for this most pleasant surprise, but we can only hope it is soon.

Real soon.

Oh yeah, you’ll be wanting a trailer to go with that won’t you?

Written by bitsnark

June 15, 2010 at 1:59 pm

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