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GamesCom 2010: Ubisoft Announces Fighters Uncaged For Kinect

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Apparently one motion controlled fighter launch title wasn’t enough this year, since Ubisoft have today announced Fighters Uncaged for Microsoft Kinect.

The game will allow players to replicate 70 different strikes inspired by a number of different martial arts. Additionally, players will have 21 arenas with which to do battle and in-depth practice and workout modes for the calorie sweating fiends out there.

With a focus on Thai-boxing which includes elbows, knees and high arching kicks, the idea is an interesting one at the very least, even if the trailer doesn’t look very good.

At all.

The title is due to be launched alongside Kinect on November 10th.

The trailer can be seen at the link below:

Written by bitsnark

August 18, 2010 at 12:20 pm

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