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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Demo Announced

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Lucasarts have today confirmed that a demo will be forthcoming for 360, PS3 and PC formats ‘sometime’ prior to the game’s release on October 26th.

The news of a demo for the title comes in the wake of the PSP version being cancelled recently and the pre-emptive and hugely foolish cancellation of a third title in the Force Unleashed franchise.

Alledgedly, a big component of these developments at Lucasarts is recently appointed President Paul Meegan, who according to a number of Lucasarts sources has propogated a work culture within the company that has resulted in ‘morale and productivity being at all-time lows’.

I mean, doesn’t the guy have any common sense? Star Wars: The Force Unleashed sold over five million copies and is considered to be the single most commercially successful Star Wars videogame ever created. Meanwhile, it’s sequel will likely do as well if not better, so I put the question to you; from a money perspective at least, being a money grabbing, suit wearing bastard, why would you NOT want a third installment in a multi-platinum selling franchise?

A contender for Mr. Kotick’s crown of most disliked suit in the games industry?

Yeah, I think so.

As an aside though, I did have some fun with the original Force Unleashed title despite it’s numerous glitchy shortcomings and flaws, so I’m somewhat interested to see how many of those rough edges (if any), the sequel has managed to rub out.

Written by bitsnark

August 24, 2010 at 12:13 pm

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