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So You Thought Duke Nukem Forever Was Shit? Well, Gearbox Want To Know!

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After a decade plus of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever finally came out and whilst it had very brief, almost instantaneous flashes of mediocrity, the rest of the game was arguably, abysmally shit.

Regardless, it’s difficult to lay the blame at the doorstep of Gearbox, since they merely obtained what was already coded and essentially packaged it for release without actually doing any of the development work themselves.

As a result of this and due to the fact that Gearbox will be taking over coding duties on the next Duke title; Duke Nukem Begins, they’re looking for feedback on Duke Nukem Forever via survey to gauge people’s feelings on the latest game.

So, y’know, let them have both barrels and all that at the link below:

Written by bitsnark

September 20, 2011 at 9:02 am

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