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E3 2012 – EA Press Conference: Crysis 3 Gets Demonstrated & Trailered

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Another game that was practically guaranteed to make the cut for the EA E3 presser was Crysis 3.

To that end, Crytek showed off an extended gameplay sequence and a single-player trailer to top off their segment. Amusingly, the Crytek chap spoke at length about the great sandbox FPS experience that Crysis 3 was to become.  Um, sandbox? Really? It looked just as linear as the last one which was about as far away from being a sandbox FPS as you possibly could be without calling yourself Call of Duty.

Videos for both the gameplay demonstration and the trailer can be seen below.

Give em’ a gander:

I will post up a better version of the gameplay demo as soon as one becomes available.  Thanks for understanding.

Crysis 3 is due to be released on 360, PS3 and PC in February, 2013.  

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