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Bethesda Releases ‘Golden Cat’ E3 Gameplay Walkthrough For Dishonored – Confirms Potential Game Of The Year Status

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Bethesda Softworks today blew the lid off of their behind-closed-doors E3 gameplay demo of  their highly anticipated title Dishonored, with the release of two director commentary gameplay videos.  Due to arrive in October, on PS3 360 and PC formats, Dishonored casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge in a Victorian-inspired world merged with nightmarish science-fiction.

Broken down into two parts, each of these videos successfully conveys the primary lure of Dishonored; the freedom to creatively eliminate your targets with a hugely flexible combat system allowing you to combine supernatural abilities with a myriad of weapons and gadgets at your disposal.  Boasting a dynamic mission structure that alters throughout depending on the choices you make, Dishonored is equal parts Thief, Deus Ex and Bioshock; combining the key aspects of each of these notable genre alumni into a cohesive whole, that while perhaps not so technically impressive amongst its contemporaries, nevertheless looks to captivate and enrapture with it’s complete freedom of approach to completing missions and objectives.

Everything from skulking in the shadows and dropping down for a gory kill, through to teleportation and possessing anything with a heartbeat (even a fish!) combined with the creative fusion of a hugely dynamic arsenal of weapons and powers is showcased in the two videos embedded below.

With commentary by Co-Creative Directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith, each video represents the same mission, but differ in the manner by which the mission is tackled.  The first video shows a more stealthy approach; leveraging a select number of  powers in addition to the traditional stealth genre tropes (hiding in the shadows, hiding bodies from sight etc.) to get things done quietly and undetected. The second video as you might reasonably infer, instead shows a total balls-to-the-wall approach – where the shadows are left behind and the entire supernatural arsenal of the player is brought to bear in full-on confrontational combat.

Personally, I would much rather prefer the stealthy sort of gameplay myself at this early juncture.  The game appears to function much stronger in this regard and like last year’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the game seemingly has it’s most rewarding and satisfying moments when it is played in this fashion.

Enough of my prattle though, have a look at the footage below and see which approach you would favour in what looks to be a dark horse contender for Game of the Year:

 Dishonored is due to be released on 360, PC & PS3 platforms on October 12th, 2012.

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June 28, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Pre-E3 2012: Bethesda releases a trailer for Skyrim vampire focused DLC expansion ‘Dawnguard’.

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The best RPG of 2011 gets it’s first DLC expansion in Dawnguard, to be released this summer for 1600 MSP on the 360, with other versions and pricepoints to follow.

In Dawnguard, a vampire-themed expansion, you can either play as the titular Dawnguard themselves to root out the Vampire threat or you can join the brood yourself and inflict carnage and death upon those who would do you harm.

You can also engage in mounted combat, among other things if the trailer embedded below is any indication.


Dawnguard will be released this Summer on Xbox 360 for 1,600 Microsoft Points.  Release details for the PS3 and PC versions are due to follow at E3.

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June 1, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Pre-E3 2012: Arkane Studios ‘Dishonoured’ gets more than three minutes of in-game footage via newest trailer

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Every year there is always one game that gets everybody excited, but tends to hover under the radar of all the mass-marketed AAA/sequel stuff that gets spread around.

Dishonoured, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, is one such game.  Equal parts Bioshock, Thief and Assassins’ Creed all wrapped up in a lucious steampunk veneer, Dishonoured looks to be a intriguing creature indeed with a unique setting and stealthily ultraviolent gameplay.

To see that i’m not just pulling platitudes out of my ass for no good reason, have a look for yourself:

Dishonoured is due to be released on 360, PC & PS3 platforms on October 12th, 2012.

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June 1, 2012 at 12:14 pm

It’s baaaack – Bethesda announces DOOM 3 BFG Edition for 360, PS3 & PC release this year

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Not feeling moist looking at the sight of this logo? Check your pulse.

Following on from their rather bizzare and somewhat unwarranted decision to re-release Quake IV for the 360 and PC (well, it was a bit shit wasn’t it), comes the much more welcome idea that Bethesda are going to lump everything DOOM-like into one fragging huge package for re-release this year on 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

For your hard-earned cash you get DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil and the ‘Lost Mission’.  That’s a whole lot of traditional FPS love right there.

Those lovely chaps over at BethSoft have also confirmed that DOOM 3 and it’s expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, will be remastered for the console platforms and will be playable in stereoscopic 3D.  BOOM.

The debut trailer for this collection of id Sofware’s genre defining franchise can be seen below.  Expect to hear more on this around E3.

DOOM 3: BFG Edition releases sometime this year for 360, PS3 and PC platforms. 

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May 30, 2012 at 2:14 pm

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