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Gorgeous Looking Water Physics Platformer ‘Walter’, Emerges From Former Test-Drive Unlimited Dev Blossom Minds – Debut Trailer Released

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Blossom Minds, an off-shoot of Test Drive Unlimited developer Eden Games has today released the trailer for it’s inaugral effort – a water physics platformer that goes by the pun-tastic name of ‘Walter’.

Besides boasting a charming art-style and looking utterly gorgeous, Walter looks like on initial impression at least that it will play as well as it looks.  Playing as a sentient blob of water with eyes, the titular ‘Walter’ can change his mass, form and density to suit any situation.  See a long series of peaks and trough tubing that needs to be overcome? Walter can transform himself into a trickle of water to speedily race up and down the tubes far quicker than if he was to remain as a blob of water; otherwise forced to slowly plod through.  Another great example of how denisty and form affect the gameplay is one instance in the trailer where Walter is required to maintain a frozen ice-cube state to complete the level and he does this by keeping under dynamically moving shadows in order to prevent himself from melting.

It really looks like compelling stuff and while no formats have been announced, smart money is on an XBLA, PSN and Steam release sometime during the vague ‘2013’ release window that has been pegged for the game.

The trailer for ‘Walter’ is embedded below:

Walter is due to be released on formats to be announced sometime in 2013.

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June 13, 2012 at 1:40 pm

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