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Capcom Confirms Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Edition To Arrive On iOS Platforms This Summer

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A good few months after the home console release and a few months before the forthcoming Playstation Vita release, Capcom will release a mobile edition of crossover fighter Street Fighter X Tekken for iOS devices sometime this Summer.

In both visual and gameplay terms, the game appears to ape previous Capcom battler Street Fighter IV Volt quite heavily boasting the same, crisp cartoony visuals and the same controller and button layout.  Changes to the gameplay will naturally stem from the new tag mechanic and all of the combos that can be generated as a result.

Seems like it’ll be a decent quick-attention seeker then; much like it’s predecessor.

No character roster has been announced yet, but judging by the screenshots seen below, we can at least vouch for the appearances of long-time favourites Ryu, Kazuya, Chun-Li and Nina Williams

Doesn’t look too bad does it? Though it would be nice if Kazzy could stop shooting lasers out of his face, the cheating bastard.

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile is due to arrive sometime this summer on all iOS 5 platforms except for 3rd generation iOS devices.

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June 14, 2012 at 7:16 am

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