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Sega And The Creative Assembly Confirm The Existence Of Total War: Rome II – Will Release Next Year On PC

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Fancy giving Carthage the shaft once again in lovely Total War-O-Vision? Soon you’ll get your chance.

Confirming the long-standing rumour that the next RTS from the Total War folk would be a second entry in their Rome series, comes the announcement from Sega and developers The Creative Assembly that Total War: Rome II is real and will launch next year on PC.

According to Creative Assembly boss Mike Simpson, the latest entry in their famed RTS franchise will feature “the most expansive turn-based campaign and the largest, most cinematic real-time battles yet seen in any game.  Our games have always encompassed a grand vision, but we’re now pushing that vision at both ends of the spectrum. From the immense reach of the sandbox campaign right down to the human-level drama of a single warrior on the battlefield, we’re aiming for an unprecedented level of detail and scale”.

In addition, Rome II will feature a new graphics engine with the capability of being able to render “tens of thousands of men” in “bone-splintering detail”, as well as new ‘unit cameras’, which will allow for a far more up-close and richly detailed perspective of the battlefield.

Scalability of difficulty and the experience overall is being promised; allowing you to play the game “no matter what your spec.” – Something that is bloody useful for RTS-tards like me that wouldn’t know a flanking movement from a head-on charge.

Finally, the Total War Brand Director, Rob Bartholomew, went onto say; “In our 25th year of games development, it feels fitting to return to our most critically acclaimed era.  There’s been a multi-generational leap in technology since the original game and we are ready to set another benchmark in gaming.”

The first shots for the newly announced title were also released along with the boxart which you can see below and at the top of this article respectively.

Not exactly bad on the eyes is it?

A couple of interviews, one with the Lead Battle Designer and one with the Lead Designer for the project have also cropped up online as well as a swankly looking live-action trailer and naturally being the helpful chap that I am, I have embedded them all below for you to peruse at your leisure.


Total War: Rome II is due to release sometime next year exclusively on PC.

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July 2, 2012 at 1:26 pm

E3 2012 – XCOM Enemy Unknown (No, not the shit shooter one, the other one) Gets A Bit Of Trailerage

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2K Games and Sim City developer Maxis have released a trailer for their forthcoming strategy based XCOM title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

As well as cribbing the moniker of the much loved turn based original which was released way back in the nineties, the game also boasts the same third person perspective, strategic gameplay and reserach and development to improve your soldiers, equipment, vehicles and even your home base.

You also get to autopsy aliens too.  Probably.

Though the trailer perhaps doesn’t show off the game in it’s best like (it looks like any other third person shooter really), trust me when I say that the game is shaping up to be a polished and highly enjoyable strategical gem.

The trailer can be seen by clicking on the embed below:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is due to release on 360, PS3 and PC platforms this October.


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June 5, 2012 at 12:32 am

You now have another reason to go to indie show Rezzed; the next Total War title will be shown there

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With developers The Creative Assembly lapping up much critical praise and commerical success for their last title Shogun 2: Total War, fans were desperate for their next fix of Creative Assembly coded historical conflict.  Lo and behold then, that the developers themselves will be holding a little chinwag on the ‘future of the Total War franchise’ and it’s a chat that will apparently involve the next Total War title being showcased for the first time on July 6th at 1PM, within the hallowed halls of the Eurogamer Network’s ‘Rezzed’ indie show.

Really, this is just one extra reason to go what will be a superb show.

Now, if you’re already going to the show then brilliant; you’re officially not on my shit list.  If you have yet to purchase a ticket to a showcase of some of the finest indie content on God’s green earth, then we’re going to have problem aren’t we?

Seriously, if you have even a passing interest in innovative and creative gaming experiences that extend beyond the norm, grab a ticket and get your ass over to this show.  It’s also being run by the chaps who ran the Eurogamer Expo, which if the last three events are any sort of indication, will mean that Rezzed will be slickly produced show and a great time for all and sundry.

Oh and Aliens: Colonial Marines will be there too.  Just saying.

Tickets can be bought at £12 gets you a one day ticket, £20 gets you a two day ticket.

Get a ticket. You know it makes sense.

Rezzed takes place on Friday 6thSaturday 7th July at the Brighton Centre, Brighton.

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May 30, 2012 at 10:44 am

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